Disagreements on the course of patient treatment are not unusual in medical practice, and when these happen, there are laid down methods for the resolution.


1.      If a doctor feels strongly that a co-managing team is not doing the right thing, they can have a mini-conference where journal articles and other reference materials can be exchanged/shared to enhance the management of the patient.

2.     In the event that a mini-conference fails to yield the desired result, then the recourse for any doctor who is not satisfied with a co-managing team is to go to his/her own HOD to discuss with the HOD of the other team.

3.    If the HODs are unable to resolve the impasse, then the issue should be referred to the HCS; each unit will then produce articles and other documents to bolster their own argument. The HCS (in consultation with other specialists in the same field of medicine from this, and sister, hospitals) will be the arbiter in resolving the dispute. And the decision becomes the agreed standard for such similar diagnosis and presentation, from then henceforth.


*Any Doctor who still disagrees with this arbitration, has the opportunity to appeal to the MD to ensure that the best decision in the patient's interest (in line with international best practices) is taken.