The standard operating procedures written in this document is meant to guide the health care workers in the process of delivering quality services to patients and their relatives, thus ensuring patient satisfaction.


This SOP is intended for all service providers offering services to all outpatient clients (old and new) receiving care at all outpatient clinics in UCTH. This is to ensure quality care and patients' satisfaction.


The hospital Management is to ensure that all necessary instruments/ equipment/furniture/ consumables including; thermometers, sphygmomanometers, examination table, other examination equipment, hand wash basins/hand sanitizers, X-ray Viewing box, examination gloves, screens and curtains are available in the clinic before the start of day.

Any deficiency is noted and discussed with the Head of Clinical Services for correction and corrective action. Patient amenities like safe drinking water, adequate chairs in waiting area, clean toilets, fan and air conditioning are made available and monitored for their functionality and adequacy on regular basis (monthly). 'Corporate services' and 'Servicom' officers wearing bright yellow "Ask me" vests are deployed in patient service areas of the hospital. They are to act as 'Customer care' operatives. Prohibition of Smoking: A 60 X 30cm board saying, "No Smoking Area — Smoking here is an Offence" is prominently displayed at each entrance, floors, staircases, entrance of the lifts and at conspicuous place(s) inside.

A notice board displaying the numbers to be contacted, should there be complaints, is prominently displayed.

Administrative and non clinical work at OPD (like attestation of certificates and issue of medical certificates) are not undertaken during clinic consultation hours. Medical representatives from pharmaceutical companies are not entertained during clinic consultation hours. Notice for the same is displayed at the OPD.


The Medical Records Officers are responsible for issuing registration cards and booking clinic appointments.

The Nursing In-charge of each clinic is responsible for monitoring the respective clinic's functioning - patient observation (BR Weight, etc.) & arrangement, maintaining necessary records and assisting the Consultants/Doctors.

The Consultants are responsible for examination of the patients and for determining the line of management of the ailment/case thereof.